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Ukulele Hawaii

Tahitian Ukuleles

Tahitian Ukuleles

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Tahitian Ukulele Tahitian Ukulele 4 string Tahitian Ukulele 8 String

Floret Atem with a Tahitian 8 string ukulele

Tahitian ukuleles are very different from the standard Hawaiian ukulele. They are solid bodied and have a sound hole bored out of the center of the ukulele then caped with a thin peace of wood. This becomes a sound board which vibrates and amplifies the sound of the strings.  Many have eight strings (in pairs) which are tuned to the same notes as the ukulele (G C, E and A). The stings in most cases are fishing string.

They are often intricately carved: dolphins and turtles seem to be popular themes. They have a much sharper tone than standard ukuleles (closer to a banjolele). The Tahitian ukulele can be heard on Robi Calling CD track 10  Tera Mai Te Tiare played by Florent Atem.

Tahitian Ukuleles

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