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Pali Ka’aihue

All In                

Pali Ka’aihue All In

Pali Ka’aihue All In

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Pali Ka`aihue founder of the group Pali (Tribute, and ... WITH ALOHA) debuts his solo CD, All In. All In, features Pali on ukulele instrumentals that highlight the growing popularity of the Hawaiian instrument not only in Hawai`i, and nationally but to an even greater extent internationally. But this is not the ukulele music you're used to, think: Jeff Beck or Joe Satriani meets the ukulele. Dazzling, high-energy tracks share the stage with contemplative compositions and showcase Pali's virtuosity and creative skills on this diverse instrumental CD. With seven original compositions and Pali's arrangement on three crowd-pleasing favorites, Pali's riveting performance wonderfully expands the repertoire to further boost the popularity of the ukulele.

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Pali Ka'aihue All In

Pali Ka‘aihue has been known till now as a Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning record producer, songwriter and recording artist with his namesake band, Pali, and for his service as president of the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts (HARA).

With “All In,” he steps forward without his Hoku Award-winning group to record an all-instrumental album with a tight team of unidentified studio musicians. Composers’ credits are not provided but Ka‘aihue identifies two as originals. One is the title song.

The title song pairs Ka‘aihue’s ukulele with electronic percussion in an up-uptempo rock arrangement. “Rising” opens with hints of Asian stringed instruments, koto or gayageum perhaps, and a few bars of “Arirang,” before it erupts into big-scale uptempo rock. In dramatic contrast, “Affirmation” is a romantic electric jazz number that blends guitar and electric piano with drums and bass. Two other songs showcase the nahenahe (sweet, melodious) sound of slack key. In short, Ka‘aihue and his anonymous musicians embrace several genres and cultures.

Pali Ha’aihue All In

1  Rising

2  Affirmation

3  Ray OF Light

4 All In

5 Mediterranean

6  Cliffs of Dover

7  Mana

8   Supey Aloha

9   Love

!0  Lali’i Slack Key

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