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Kalei Gamiao
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Ukulele Hawaii

Kamaka Ukuleles

Kamaka Ukulele Review

This beautiful Kamaka ukulele is an extreme custom built by Casey Kamaka. Both the back and sides are hand crafted Brazilian Rosewood with a Sitka bear-claw Spruce top, Koa bindings, and Ebony fret board. On this ukulele the Brazilian Rosewood, known for producing an extremely lush sound, is balanced with the Spruce top which enhances the high frequencies. These two elements create a great sound. Whether playing rhythm or picking, this Kamaka is microphone friendly. We recorded it with a Larson L47 microphone, running through a Universal Audio 6176 Mic Preamp, set flat with no compression to keep everything as natural as possible. The intonation on this ukulele is very good which says a lot about the quality of its craftsmanship. Being a small instrument with short strings, a short neck, and under low tension, getting an ukulele with perfect intonation is very difficult. Overall, this custom Kamaka is one of best sounding ukuleles we’ve had the pleasure to record.

Kalei Gamiao Merry Ukulele Christmas

Kalei Gamiao


Kalei Gamiao

Merry Ukulele Christmas

Kamaka Ukulele Demo By: Kalai Gamiao”

These Moments”

Kamaka Ukulele Demo

By Kalai Gamiao

Kamaka Hawaii

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