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Evolve Ukuleles


The Evolve Ukulele produced by Kamoa Ukuleles, is an extremely versatile instrument producing a sound one would not normally associate with the ukulele. It opens up a wide range of styles that would other wise be very difficult to perform playing an ukulele.

The Evolve Ukulele comes with features not normally found on an ukulele but more like those of a electric guitar which include a adjustable bridge, volume and tune adjustments for each pick up.   

The pickups are single coil so they can be a bit noisy, other than that they do sound pretty good. The pots seem to be on the lower end, but the rest of the ukulele is well made.

Emula Garza used the Evolve when recording “It Came Upon a  Midnight Clear” for Hawaiian Style Christmas 3 and it worked out very well.

An Ukulele Christmas Kamoa Ukuleles

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Evolve Electric Ukulele

Demonstration of the Evolve Electric Ukulele by Florent Atem

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